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Welcome to the Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team Website

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Our Mission
Our goal is to educate the public about energy policies and practices that save expenses, advance the sustainability of natural resources, and protect and preserve the environment including climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

We aim to increase the participation of local and regional governments, individuals, institutions, corporations, and all sectors of society in the Ammonoosuc Region in achieving these objectives.

Be more energy efficient!

in your home
  • Know your current energy use and expenses.
  • Have your home audited for energy loss.
  • Use that audit to guide your steps to energy conservation and efficiency.
  • Consider a renewable energy system for more savings and cleaner air.
  • Continue to monitor your energy consumption.

in your car

  • Know the cost of owning/operating your vehicles.
  • Investigate savings of more efficient vehicles.
  • Assess your travel patterns and carpooling possibilities.

in your community

  • Know the efficiency of your Town's operations.
  • Learn your Town and Schools' energy usage and expenditures for heating fuel, electricity, gasoline and diesel fuel by looking at their annual reports.
  • Promote a process like your own above for Town and School efficiency programs.


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