Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team History and Organization

Following the 2004 presidential election, a group of concerned citizens in NH concluded that more action was necessary to put the issue of climate change into the public eye. The NH Carbon Coalition was founded by a former Republican state senator and the former chairman of the state Democratic Party. Realizing that the nation focuses on NH briefly every four years during the NH Presidential Primary, the Carbon Coalition decided to encourage grassroots activity to ensure that climate change was a more important part of the discussion.

The NH Climate Change Resolution was drafted, calling on the federal government to prioritize climate change policy, and also requesting that NH communities form local energy committees (LECs)to promote this in their towns. The resolution passed in 164 towns in March 2007. LECs were formed in Franconia, Littleton, and Bethlehem, and it soon became apparent that some of the work at hand would be done more effectively from a regional perspective. After organizing a successful area-wide light bulb drive and staging two very well-attended Energy Fairs at the Profile School in 2008, LEC volunteers from area towns decided to formalize their association by founding the Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team. With inspired leadership from Jack Cook, and excellent pro bono help from Samaha & Russell, PA, the Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team was registered as a non-profit corporation with the State of NH in June 2011.

Officers and Members of the Board 

ñ  David Van Houten, Bethlehem, President

ñ  James Fitzpatrick, Franconia, Secretary

ñ  Jack Cook, Franconia, Member Emeritus

ñ  Dan Crosby, Bethlehem

ñ  Carl Martland, Sugar Hill

ñ  Adam Nyborg, Franconia

ñ  Chuck Phillips, Franconia

ñ  Chip Stowell, Littleton

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